Simplify Streamline Digitize Centralize Audit Firm Rotation

Auditfair is the trusted partner to organizations who are preparing for mandatory audit firm rotation

The leader in audit firm rotation

AuditFair has transformed the audit tender process so you can spend time and energy where it matters most. Providing unparalleled visibility and oversight to the Audit Committee to ensure regulatory compliance. Saving valuable organisational resources with an intuitive and centrally managed tender process. With powerful visuals, AI-powered technology and real-time updates for complete control.

Enabled by our people & technology

Enabled by our people and technology, we are focused on delivering world class technology solutions with deep-domain expertise to seamlessly manage the end-to-end process of audit firm rotation.

Safeguard Independence

Reduce familiarity threat, increase objectivity and ensure the eligibility of participating firms.

Reduce compliance costs

Save time and money with a dedicated all-in-one platform for maximum process efficiency.


Facilitate knowledge and information sharing between all participants significantly reducing audit firm transition risk.

Cooling-in periods

Create capability questionnaires, request for information (RFI) documents and monitor cooling-in periods to ensure eligibility and independence of participating firms.

Smart Evaluation

Create, share and update decision scorecards with key internal stakeholders. Standardise responses and use gamification techniques to enhance the tender evaluation process.

Better Engagement

Amazing collaboration tools to ensure engaging tender experiences for all participants. Email integration, data room infrastructure, Q&A forums and much more.

Latest Technologies

Deploying AI and machine learning technologies to detect independence threats and to assist you build world class tender documents. Data room cloud storage to provide an easy information sharing platform – no need to engage with internal IT department to establish or manage these facilities.

Good Corporate Governance

Satisfy the demands of investors and shareholders by easily demonstrating an independent and fair manner audit firm selection process through touch of a bottom reporting features.

Process Efficency

Track and manage the entire process with beautiful visuals that make tender management a breeze – removing the need for expensive project managers. Intuitive workflows, organisation-specific milestones and real-time updates so you can enjoy full control– through both web and mobile applications.